So a few weeks ago one of my lifelong frienda, Rebecca posted a FB status related to people's rude comments about her having 4 kids.

Well I had a similar experience today... I'm 19 weeks pregnant, so some people ask me what number this is... Well, my answer is 4. This lady got a crazy look on her face and actually said, "Haven't you figured out how that happens."

Well I'm a Registered Nurse, so obviously we covered that in our curriculum along the way...

But my answer to her was, "Well, I didn't birth the first one, I got Her when she was 3. The next 2 are twins,took them 9 years and $50K AND they grew in pitre dishes for the first 5 days , but I think finally figured it out with the 4th one." her face was PRICELESS!

Not that it was any of her business, but since my friend had a similar experience recently, I figured I would at least (hopefully) make her think of some other line to say to folks or just maybe she will not say anything.

I'm Reiterating Beccas Public Service Announcement.....

It's not WISE to ask people such things. If you continue, be prepared for the smackdown. Lol