We (Paige and I) are trying to eat healthier. We have cut out grains. So tonight when my husband wanted Spaghetti, so I had to find a healthier option for us.... SPAGHETTI SQUASH! Scared? Don't be....
This is what it looked like in the grocery store.
I cut it in half. (Which requires a very good knife) put it face down on a baking pan, added water to bottom of pan, covered with foil and baked at 350 degrees for an hour.
You can take the seeds and pulp out and the just run a fork through it and it strings up and looks just like angel hair pasta!
I put it in a pan, sautéed with real butter and coconut oil. Added salt, pepper and garlic salt to flavor. Served meat sauce over it. I loved it. My husband was SO intrigued he tried it (he rarely tries new things!) he tried it and said it was, "Pretty good."
And YES! If you MUST slurp your noodles you can still do it this way!! ��