Having twins I always Have them both, very few times do I separate them and do individual things with them. Today made me realize that not only do my husband and I need date night with each other, that it is important for each if us to spend time with each kid individually!

Yesterday I got a call from the daycare saying that Carson had thrown up and there had been a 24 hour stomach bug going around the day care. He threw up once last night, and none today. I'm thankful that he's not had a bad case of it!

I'm on bedrest, 10 days from delivering (if not sooner). So my days have been filled with laying around, taking it easy. Today I sure have enjoyed my sidekick!

I kept him home from daycare today but sent Carlee. I fixed us both some chicken soup, crackers and sprite today and we have watched whatever movies he has wanted to watched. he hasn't had to compromise or share with his sister... He has proclaimed today BOYS day! Just Carson, me and his brother in my belly hanging out... Snuggling and taking it easy today! I'm NOT glad that he was sick... But thankful and glad he's better and for this special time together!

I'm writing this watching my sweet boy sleep.... Being a Mom for me is the BIGGEST blessing ever!! So Blessed...excited for new baby boy to be here soon.

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