Today is the day we welcome our new baby boy, Rentz Allen Williams. I wanted to do something special for our Twins, Carlee and Carson, who are 3. So, I got them a present from new baby brother!

This is Carson's Big Brother bag. It is equipped with coloring books, a notebook, colors, a new cup, a camera for them to take pics from their view, a photo album, some snacks, drinks, card games and hand sanitizer!

Carlees bag is stocked the same way...with the Sister Stuff!!

My Mom is very talented and made the new baby a Beautiful handmade quilt in the pattern of a "bug jar." She also made Carson a shirt with a tie and Carlee a pocket tee dress out of one if the same fabrics that is in his quilt. It's snakes and snails and puppy dog tails...just what lil boys are made of!

AND THIS is the Nanny bag! My mom and sister will have the kids during delivery, so in the Nanny bag there is a Joke Book, a Book about kids and their Grandmothers, a dictionary, some small coloring pages and Toddler wipes for hands and faces! Also had other snacks for them.

I think we have enough projects to keep everyone busy until Rentz Allen Williams gets here...The bags and outfits were a HIT with the Twins and The Nanny!!

The kids with the bags and new outfits! Super cute...

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