In '98 my husband and I built the house Of our dreams. With the help of our family, we were the plumber, electrician, painter and lots of other things to make this house exactly what we wanted it to be. Throughout the process we learned a lot. I ended up with 3rd degree sunburn from helping to rough in the plumbing and a broken pinky finger from a dolly accident. We put in blood, sweat, tears and numerous man hours in to build our new home.

My husband and I both worked in a town about 30 miles away and commuted back and forth daily, that doesn't seem like much but if you add up travel time each week for years, it's a significant amount of life spent on the road. About 7 years ago my step daughter came to live with us. The school district our house is in wouldn't give us permission for our daughter to go to school in another district even though we worked away. So we bought a mobile home in the city where we worked. We lived there for years and visited what we called "the big house" sometimes on weekends. We came to realize as much as we loved our house, it was only practical to sell it and move permanently.

We put our house on the market, bought some land, bought house plans with intentions of building and moving again. Since our house has been on the market, I lost my job, found out I was pregnant and our big girl graduated high school. When she graduated In May we moved back to the big house and gave her the mobile home.

On July 29, we buried a St. Joseph statue upside down, facing the house in the front flower bed and said our daily Novenas in hopes of a Sale.

Little bitty statue...GREAT BIG GOD!

On September 21 (my parents 40th wedding anniversary) we got an offer and accepted to sell our home. Because I was big and pregnant with less than a month til delivery, My mom and I started boxing everything up. I had the baby October 14, and my Mom has been packing up stuff since then... Along with our big girl, Paige, my Dad and our friend Carlos!

My cousin Jennifer married Kevin on a Saturday, the twins were in their wedding. We moved the Sunday after the wedding, then had the new baby on Monday.

As sad as it is to say Bye to the old house, we are SO excited of all the new beginnings for our family!!

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