The twins are 3 this Christmas and are now able to understand the concept if the Elf On A Shelf! With this holiday season being shorter he has already arrived at our house. Here are some of the crazy places he's been so far!!

Just hanging around!
The kids had an assignment to do for school and we had out art supplies. I strategically left them out so I would have something to work with, then wrote a note with their glitter pen.
Seems like everyone these days has the sniffles...including Ziggy!
We are going to ride the North Pole Express in a few weeks. Ziggy wrote them a note telling them that he was excited for them to go to The North Pole. Also left a printout of the ad for North Pole Express and a pic of the interior view of our hotel. The kids were SO excited!

In '98 my husband and I built the house Of our dreams. With the help of our family, we were the plumber, electrician, painter and lots of other things to make this house exactly what we wanted it to be. Throughout the process we learned a lot. I ended up with 3rd degree sunburn from helping to rough in the plumbing and a broken pinky finger from a dolly accident. We put in blood, sweat, tears and numerous man hours in to build our new home.

My husband and I both worked in a town about 30 miles away and commuted back and forth daily, that doesn't seem like much but if you add up travel time each week for years, it's a significant amount of life spent on the road. About 7 years ago my step daughter came to live with us. The school district our house is in wouldn't give us permission for our daughter to go to school in another district even though we worked away. So we bought a mobile home in the city where we worked. We lived there for years and visited what we called "the big house" sometimes on weekends. We came to realize as much as we loved our house, it was only practical to sell it and move permanently.

We put our house on the market, bought some land, bought house plans with intentions of building and moving again. Since our house has been on the market, I lost my job, found out I was pregnant and our big girl graduated high school. When she graduated In May we moved back to the big house and gave her the mobile home.

On July 29, we buried a St. Joseph statue upside down, facing the house in the front flower bed and said our daily Novenas in hopes of a Sale.

Little bitty statue...GREAT BIG GOD!

On September 21 (my parents 40th wedding anniversary) we got an offer and accepted to sell our home. Because I was big and pregnant with less than a month til delivery, My mom and I started boxing everything up. I had the baby October 14, and my Mom has been packing up stuff since then... Along with our big girl, Paige, my Dad and our friend Carlos!

My cousin Jennifer married Kevin on a Saturday, the twins were in their wedding. We moved the Sunday after the wedding, then had the new baby on Monday.

As sad as it is to say Bye to the old house, we are SO excited of all the new beginnings for our family!!


Today is the day we welcome our new baby boy, Rentz Allen Williams. I wanted to do something special for our Twins, Carlee and Carson, who are 3. So, I got them a present from new baby brother!

This is Carson's Big Brother bag. It is equipped with coloring books, a notebook, colors, a new cup, a camera for them to take pics from their view, a photo album, some snacks, drinks, card games and hand sanitizer!

Carlees bag is stocked the same way...with the Sister Stuff!!

My Mom is very talented and made the new baby a Beautiful handmade quilt in the pattern of a "bug jar." She also made Carson a shirt with a tie and Carlee a pocket tee dress out of one if the same fabrics that is in his quilt. It's snakes and snails and puppy dog tails...just what lil boys are made of!

AND THIS is the Nanny bag! My mom and sister will have the kids during delivery, so in the Nanny bag there is a Joke Book, a Book about kids and their Grandmothers, a dictionary, some small coloring pages and Toddler wipes for hands and faces! Also had other snacks for them.

I think we have enough projects to keep everyone busy until Rentz Allen Williams gets here...The bags and outfits were a HIT with the Twins and The Nanny!!

The kids with the bags and new outfits! Super cute...


We have had our house on the market for over a year... They have shown it several times with no offers or further interest. As with everything else in my life I've come to learn that ALL things happen in GOD's time, not ours!!

A week ago we recieved an offer...and ACCEPTED! The buyers are selling their house and will need a place to go quickly. We agreed to close and be out in less than 30 days... Remember I'm in my 3rd trimester... And will deliver in 10 days ( or less) Having FAITH and TRUSTING in GOD has brought us this far, so I know that HE already has a plan for us!

I texted a friend of mine who has a home that is vacant and was willing for us to move in to her house and stay if we wanted...but before we actually heard that great news a friend of my husband had a property that came available that is only half a mile from his business... Coincidence... NO!! GOD's Perfect timing!!!

My Mom is amazing and spent days with me boxing, sorting and getting a game plan together for the move!! I now have junk thrown out, good stuff boxed up and marked for new house or storage... And a Written game plan for everything left!

Selling, moving, having a baby (being on bedrest, maintaining a household and taking care if 3 yr old twins)...any of those situations separately could lead to much anxiety and stress, but by prioritizing and having a game plan and LOTS of FAITH it's possible to do it all and not be frazzled! Work SMART... Not necessarily hard!

So within the next few weeks we will be moving AND having a new BABY BOY!! Much Praise, Thanks and Glory to our Heavenly Father Jesus who makes ALL things possible in HIS time!! Truly Blessed and Thankful!


Having twins I always Have them both, very few times do I separate them and do individual things with them. Today made me realize that not only do my husband and I need date night with each other, that it is important for each if us to spend time with each kid individually!

Yesterday I got a call from the daycare saying that Carson had thrown up and there had been a 24 hour stomach bug going around the day care. He threw up once last night, and none today. I'm thankful that he's not had a bad case of it!

I'm on bedrest, 10 days from delivering (if not sooner). So my days have been filled with laying around, taking it easy. Today I sure have enjoyed my sidekick!

I kept him home from daycare today but sent Carlee. I fixed us both some chicken soup, crackers and sprite today and we have watched whatever movies he has wanted to watched. he hasn't had to compromise or share with his sister... He has proclaimed today BOYS day! Just Carson, me and his brother in my belly hanging out... Snuggling and taking it easy today! I'm NOT glad that he was sick... But thankful and glad he's better and for this special time together!

I'm writing this watching my sweet boy sleep.... Being a Mom for me is the BIGGEST blessing ever!! So Blessed...excited for new baby boy to be here soon.


I have had A Facebook page for years now... Well a month or so ago I deactivated my account. Evidently that's a big deal to some people. Social media is something that I REALLY enjoyed, being able to keep up with family and friends that I wasn't able to see often. BUT my account was set to private... I am sure we all have friends who have "friends" with some of the same characteristics.... The Over Poster, the person who "LIKES" EVERYTHING, the Negative person, the chef who shares every recipe they ever see, the stalker... One Who only trolls peoples pages never a status change or a like, you get the picture!

Well My husband and I are very private people... I'm a Registered Nurse who has most recently worked Psych, I value my privacy and have an inside knowledge of dangers that others may not see. My husband owns a business and had always been a VERY private person.

Even though I specifically asked people not to repost my pictures or tag my pictures they did it anyway....

I can control my friends list...not anyone else's! And now my other family/friends feel like they have been robbed of getting to see pics of what goes on because of a few who wouldn't honor my requests!

Why do people have to be so inconsiderate of others privacy?

2 weeks or less we will have a new baby joining the family... It's not that I don't want people to take or have pics of my kids. But a little respect and consideration goes a long way! It's really sad that some people have no boundaries.


Scheduled for a c section for Oct 14... If the baby can hold on that long!! Everything looks great! He showed to measure 6 lb 11 oz today on ultrasound and scored 8/8 on his bpp... Looked to have some hair!


This is Ella and Carlee they will BOTH be big sisters in about a month...As a big Sister myself, I understand how important it is to engage the Siblings in welcoming their new Siblings.

This is Carlee taking Ella Grace her Big Sister Bag!!

Here are the ten things we put in her bag

Carlee and I sat down and wrote Ella a letter explaining all of the items we put in her bag and why they were useful!

Friends and Family are most important to us. This was a fun activity for Carlee and Me to do something special for our friends while learning important lessons!

Check back in a few weeks to see the bags I'm making for the Twins from their New Baby Brother!!

Sarah and Me.... New Babies arriving in October!


My husband's FAVORITE thing about summer is making home made ice cream. We are continually trying to find the perfect recipe. This was Fantastic... Try it!

2 cans sweetened condensed milk

2 cans evaporated milk

1 cup of sugar

2 Tbsp. Vanilla

Blend all this together with either a mixer or a whisk! Add to ice cream freezer and fill to the Fill line with whole milk.

Add ice and rock salt to outer part of freezer and wait til it motor stops.

According to Bubba this is the BEST EVER!!


So a few weeks ago one of my lifelong frienda, Rebecca posted a FB status related to people's rude comments about her having 4 kids.

Well I had a similar experience today... I'm 19 weeks pregnant, so some people ask me what number this is... Well, my answer is 4. This lady got a crazy look on her face and actually said, "Haven't you figured out how that happens."

Well I'm a Registered Nurse, so obviously we covered that in our curriculum along the way...

But my answer to her was, "Well, I didn't birth the first one, I got Her when she was 3. The next 2 are twins,took them 9 years and $50K AND they grew in pitre dishes for the first 5 days , but I think finally figured it out with the 4th one." her face was PRICELESS!

Not that it was any of her business, but since my friend had a similar experience recently, I figured I would at least (hopefully) make her think of some other line to say to folks or just maybe she will not say anything.

I'm Reiterating Beccas Public Service Announcement.....

It's not WISE to ask people such things. If you continue, be prepared for the smackdown. Lol