I have had A Facebook page for years now... Well a month or so ago I deactivated my account. Evidently that's a big deal to some people. Social media is something that I REALLY enjoyed, being able to keep up with family and friends that I wasn't able to see often. BUT my account was set to private... I am sure we all have friends who have "friends" with some of the same characteristics.... The Over Poster, the person who "LIKES" EVERYTHING, the Negative person, the chef who shares every recipe they ever see, the stalker... One Who only trolls peoples pages never a status change or a like, you get the picture!

Well My husband and I are very private people... I'm a Registered Nurse who has most recently worked Psych, I value my privacy and have an inside knowledge of dangers that others may not see. My husband owns a business and had always been a VERY private person.

Even though I specifically asked people not to repost my pictures or tag my pictures they did it anyway....

I can control my friends list...not anyone else's! And now my other family/friends feel like they have been robbed of getting to see pics of what goes on because of a few who wouldn't honor my requests!

Why do people have to be so inconsiderate of others privacy?

2 weeks or less we will have a new baby joining the family... It's not that I don't want people to take or have pics of my kids. But a little respect and consideration goes a long way! It's really sad that some people have no boundaries.

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