We have had our house on the market for over a year... They have shown it several times with no offers or further interest. As with everything else in my life I've come to learn that ALL things happen in GOD's time, not ours!!

A week ago we recieved an offer...and ACCEPTED! The buyers are selling their house and will need a place to go quickly. We agreed to close and be out in less than 30 days... Remember I'm in my 3rd trimester... And will deliver in 10 days ( or less) Having FAITH and TRUSTING in GOD has brought us this far, so I know that HE already has a plan for us!

I texted a friend of mine who has a home that is vacant and was willing for us to move in to her house and stay if we wanted...but before we actually heard that great news a friend of my husband had a property that came available that is only half a mile from his business... Coincidence... NO!! GOD's Perfect timing!!!

My Mom is amazing and spent days with me boxing, sorting and getting a game plan together for the move!! I now have junk thrown out, good stuff boxed up and marked for new house or storage... And a Written game plan for everything left!

Selling, moving, having a baby (being on bedrest, maintaining a household and taking care if 3 yr old twins)...any of those situations separately could lead to much anxiety and stress, but by prioritizing and having a game plan and LOTS of FAITH it's possible to do it all and not be frazzled! Work SMART... Not necessarily hard!

So within the next few weeks we will be moving AND having a new BABY BOY!! Much Praise, Thanks and Glory to our Heavenly Father Jesus who makes ALL things possible in HIS time!! Truly Blessed and Thankful!

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